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I’ll be honest – I have no idea how this election is going to end up. But that won’t stop me from making my picks for ’06! Instead of burning brain cells determining who’ll win each race for the Senate, I chose the more scientific approach – a coin toss. So, using a 1996 quarter, I chose the classic flip, catch, and slap on the top of the hand execution (Republicans were tails, Democrats – heads). My results? Shockingly even more optimistic than Charles’s. Here’s the breakdown:
AZ: Kyl (R)
MO: Talent (R)
TN: Ford (D)
MT: Tester (D)
RI: Chafee (R)
VA: Allen (R)
OH: DeWine (R)
PA: Santorum (R)
MN: Kennedy (R)
NE: Nelson (D)
VT: Tarrant (R) (at this point I was checking my quarter for uneven weight distribution)
WA: Cantwell (D)
WV: Byrd (D)
MI: Stabenow (D)
NJ: Menendez (D)
MD: Steele (R)
And I swear this quarter was not funded, furnished, or in any way promoted by the Republican National Committee.

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