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I guess you’ve seen the news that Senator Frist has decided not to seek the presidency.
A few months ago, I had the chance to see Sen. Frist speak at the Williamson County Reagan Day Dinner, preceding the keynote speech given by Gov. Romney. (See “Gov. Romney’s Beautiful Tennessee Waltz.”) The general consensus after both men gave speeches was that Sen. Frist was a good senator, but didn’t seem quite cut out for a presidential bid.
One man in the audience remarked, after hearing Gov. Romney’s speech, “We’ve never ever had anyone like that here in Tennessee.”
Needless to say, Sen. Frist made the decision to go back to being a “healer.” He plans on several short-term mission trips after his government retirement.
There’s something to be said for a man working in the private sector, serving in the government, and then going right back to his day job. Remember when Lamar Alexander ran for president on the platform of “Send Them Home!”–advocating a part time Congress so that our leaders wouldn’t get too separated from normal working life?
I think Tennessee’s senators, Alexander and Frist, have never lost sight of the importance of working outside of the reality-distorting borders of Washington, D.C. And I’m sure Tennessee will welcome Dr. Frist back with open arms.

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