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I was driving to the bank this morning while listening to Steve Gill’s radio show. He’s Tennessee’s prominent conservative voice and was talking about who Republicans will nominate in 2008.
I couldn’t resist. I called and was put on hold. Of course, he clicked over to me while I was pumping gas.
Nevertheless, I got to tell him about Tennesseans for Mitt and remind everyone of Gov. Romney’s great showing at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in Memphis. The host seemed genuinely impressed by Gov. Romney, and I noticed that several others called in support of Gov. Romney as well. Only one caller said he wouldn’t elect someone who “prayed to Joseph Smith,” but the inaccuracy was set straight by the next Mormon caller.
I was surprised that even Tennesseans doubt Sen. Frist would make a good president, and some even noted his stem cell flop. (They were under the impression that actor Fred Thompson might run, but I think he’s almost seventy years old and is a little past his desire to even run.)
Anyway, I thought you might be interested in the feel here in Tennessee about 2008. We are an important state, as you know, because the very Republican Williamson County is single handedly responsible for stopping Tennessee’s own Al Gore from becoming President back in 2000.
(And, let the record show that Tennessee elected a Republican senator over a very slick Democatic candidate this election.)
Good Ole Rocky Top!

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