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Today’s NRO interview provided the most detailed explanation yet of Governor Romney’s journey to the pro-life cause.

Gov. Romney: I believe people will see that as governor, when I had to examine and grapple with this difficult issue, I came down on the side of life. I know in the four years I have served as governor I have learned and grown from the exposure to the thousands of good-hearted people who are working to change the culture in our country. I’m committed to promoting the culture of life. Like Ronald Reagan, and Henry Hyde, and others who became pro-life, I had this issue wrong in the past.

Those of us who have made it a priority to work towards the end of abortion generally have three key goals that drive us: to save the lives of unborn children, to provide help and positive alternatives to abortion-vulnerable women, and to change the hearts and minds of those who disagree on the issue.
We are a movement that welcomes converts to our cause with open arms. In fact, some of the leading voices in the pro-life movement are people who once vocally promoted abortion. Dr. Bernard Nathanson performed over 75,000 abortions and was a co-founder of NARAL, a radical pro-abortion organization. The advent of ultrasound technology and the ability to see a child develop in the womb caused a dramatic impact on Nathanson and led him to become a leading opponent of abortion. The Silent Scream video he went on to produce has been one of the most compelling tools available to help people understand the tragic reality of abortion.
Many women who have suffered from abortion are sharing their stories of conversion, providing deeply personal testimonies that speak to the heart of the issue.
As Governor Romney noted, some of the greatest pro-life politicians of our time were at one time on the other side, including Ronald Reagan and Henry Hyde. President Reagan authored a fantastic book on the subject and Congressman Hyde authored the landmark amendment that restricted Medicaid funding of abortion.
While some seem intent on greeting the news of Romney’s conversion with skepticism, history has shown that pro-life converts are often the most effective spokespeople for the movement. Governor Romney has already acted on his pro-life beliefs by vetoing embryonic stem cell research and access to emergency contraception, despite intense pressure from pro-abortion activists in Massachusetts. When Romney speaks of his commitment to promoting a culture of life, we can take him at his word because he’s already proven his willingness and desire to act.
His comments today leave little doubt on where he stands on the issue of abortion. Another great leader has joined our pro-life ranks. And that is reason to celebrate.

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