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Just to add a point to Nathan’s excellent first post…When it comes to abortion, a president’s primary responsibility is to appoint good judges. With the Supreme Court removing abortion from the sphere of democratic decision-making with the Roe decision, the only way to significantly limit or repeal the so-called “right to privacy” is judicially.
Given McCain’s “Gang of 14″ compromise does anyone doubt that–if push comes to shove–McCain would rather preserve harmony in the Senate than draw the line in the sand for good judges? Given McCain’s obvious and continuing contempt (at worst) or impatience (at best) for conservative evangelicals, does anyone think that he would stake much of his presidency on issues that are of such fundamental importance to us?
I think McCain would be a good war leader, and that is critically important. But that is not the only issue that defines a presidency. Life matters, and when it comes to life, I don’t trust him as much as I do Mitt Romney.

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