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So now the Washington Post has added its own story to the recent wave of coverage regarding the Goveror’s 1994 statements on gay rights. While the article itself presents nothing new, it does end with a statement and question by Paul Weyrich, head of the Free Congress Foundation: “Our position is that, if a candidate can change his position sort of overnight, what would he do once he got in office? Would he do the same thing?”
What would he do once he got in office? Well, Mr. Weyrich, Governor Romney has an actual record of conduct in office. If his conduct is any guide (and under the principle that actions speak louder than words, it is a quite effective guide), then the Governor will:
1. Defend traditional marriage with energy and eloquence;
2. Defend religious liberty against overreaching gay rights activists;
3. Defend a culture of life by taking concrete action against the abortion-on-demand left; and
4. Defend a culture of life by taking concrete action against stem cell research that turns human beings into expendable commodities — bought, sold, and destroyed in the name of science.
And, critically, the Governor has done all these things while advancing a message that is persuasive, optimistic, and uplifting. In other words, he is exactly the spokesperson we need for these critical values. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. By any reasonable measure, Mitt Romney’s actions as Governor are far more relevant than words that are more than a decade old.

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