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Good morning! What better way to start the day than with a good dose of the Boston Globe? Heather at Moms4Mitt sent me Peter S. Canellos’s article in the Globe, which says

[T]he country is starting to pay attention to the next presidential campaign, and Romney is near the center of the stage. Not a bad place to be, and far better than he had any reason to hope for six months ago.

He also has other insightful analysis. Remember when John McCain went to Miami and had his people stuff invitations under the doors of the attendees of the RGA? Canellos says,

McCain knew that Romney’s ties to Republican governors could give him thousands of foot soldiers in the primaries. It was a testament to the extent of Romney’s support that McCain felt a need to intervene so early and so directly.

Now this the good part. The writer acknowledges that Gov. Romney had more moderate inclinations when he sought office. However, he’s taken on the liberal Massachusetts establishment such that:

[N]ational Republicans can’t help but cheer at the fox in the liberal hen house.

The article, called “Romney is Fast Rising As a Serious Contender,” is a must-read. What, you thought I was being sarcastic? This really is the kind of article that goes down well with your bagel and coffee. Let’s savor the rare moment…
CHARLES adds: Nancy…bagel? What about grits?

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