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Speaking as someone whose name connotes that I was conceived during Hee-Haw (Nancy Jane), I hope Gov. Romney does not notice that the AmSpec Blog awarded him the “Nerdiest Name Award” of possible presidential aspirants: Williard Mitt Romney.
Hotline has the run-down, no doubt created in response to the fact that Barack Obama’s middle name is Hussein. Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton and Rudolph William Louis Giuliani have the most names, and Condoleezza Rice has the fewest–with no middle name at all. Although, with a memorable name like Condoleezza, who needs one?
If she’s interested, however, I’d be willing to donate mine. Condoleezza Jane has a nice ring to it.
CHARLES adds: Oh, please. “Joseph Robinette Biden” would’ve gotten his butt kicked on any playground I’ve ever seen quicker than “Willard Mitt Romney” every day of the week.

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