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Amidst all the controversy over Romney’s move to the right, one thing that gets lost is that politicians–especially those who have been in the public eye for some time–always change their positions to some degree. John McCain is no exception. Check out this thoughtful comment from Mark Levin on NRO:

John McCain is endorsed and defended by some conservatives (and Republicans) despite the fact that he has not only embraced but promoted several big-government initiatives – and he has done so proudly. He has used this strategy to, among other things, ingratiate himself with the media, which favor him for the Republican nomination. Romney is governor of a liberal state and he has embraced conservative policies and sought to implement many of them. Yet, questions arise about his fidelity to principle based on apparent past – in some cases distant past – statements/positions on abortion and homosexual rights. It seems to me that McCain has evolved from a Reagan conservative to more of a Rockefeller Republican, and Romney has evolved from a more moderate Republican to a Reagan conservative.

So, to those conservatives who are wondering about changes, whose changes do you prefer? McCain’s move to the big-government left or Romney’s move to the Reagan right?

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