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While conservatives all over the country are becoming familiar with Governor Romney’s impressive conservative credentials, some right-leaning groups have oddly decided to distort the facts and label Romney a RINO (Republican in Name Only). The folks over at Right March PAC, for example, are sending around an e-mail in conservative circles claiming that Romney is a liberal and they plan a full-page ad in an upcoming edition of the Washington Times.
In their desperate appeal to “STOP Governor Romney,” they imply that Romney is a pro-choice, big government liberal who is weak on traditional marriage and wrong for America. But this isn’t at all consistent with his record.
Here are the facts: As governor, Mitt Romney erased a $3 billion budget deficit without raising taxes. By cutting the waste out of government and reducing taxes, Romney led the way to a $1 billion surplus. On life issues, Romney vetoed embryonic stem cell research and efforts to increase access to emergency contraception. He also provided a grant to fund abstinence education programs in Massachusetts’ middle schools. And nobody has been more outspoken on the need to protect traditional marriage than Mitt Romney.
In what strange parallel universe is a limited government, tax cutting, pro-life, pro-marriage leader identified as a RINO or a liberal? I just don’t get it. National Review‘s Rich Lowry had this to say about Governor Romney’s record:

He has been in fights with liberals on every social issue imaginable–gay marriage, cloning, abstinence education, emergency contraception, gay adoption. At times, it’s almost been as if the conservative capital of America has been in that tiny slice of Boston occupied by Romney’s office.

And Lowry isn’t the only prominent conservative to praise Romney’s leadership. Many conservatives in Massachusetts and all around the country recognize a strong conservative leader when they see one. (See also here.)
Don’t buy the nonsense that Right March PAC is selling. Conservatives need to get to know the man and investigate his record for themselves. They’ll find the conservative leader that this country needs.

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