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We are delighted to announce that pro-life advocate Nathan Burd, the founder of Americans for Mitt, has agreed to join EFM as a contributor. While our intrepid Web Guy is in the process of getting Nathan set up to post himself, I wanted to put up the following–his first entry–without delay. It’s in response to John McCain’s paid political consultant, who’s touting his client’s pro-life record.

The folks over at Ankle Biting Pundits would like you to believe that John McCain is the only strong pro-life candidate who can be trusted to stand up for the unborn. McCain’s stance on abortion is described as “genuine” and “consistent.” Well, let’s put that claim to the test.
Without question, Senator McCain has a generally pro-life voting record and he is to be commended for that. But is it really a consistent record? For the current legislative session, Senator McCain has only earned a 75% rating from National Right to Life. McCain’s support for federally-funded embryonic stem cell research (H.R. 810) is the reason for his lowered rating and one of the main reasons why pro-life voters are suspicious of McCain’s sincerity on life issues.
How does one claim to be consistent and genuine on life issues when they support embryonic stem cell research? The creation of human life simply for its destruction is most certainly not pro-life. Not only does Senator McCain support this procedure, but he wants us to pay for it! Make no mistake about it, pro-life voters are increasingly demanding that so-called “pro-life candidates” stand firmly in opposition to the diabolical destruction of life for research purposes. By the way, embryonic stem cell research has shown absolutely no potential to treat patients or help anyone suffering from disease.
The Ankle Biters accuse Governor Romney of “tergiversating” on life issues. Pro-life voters need to understand that Governor Romney vetoed the effort to expand embryonic stem cell research in Massachusetts. While Senator McCain was busy promoting federally-funded embryo murder, Governor Romney displayed genuine pro-life leadership by vetoing embryonic stem cell research in Massachusetts.
It should also be noted that the issue of stem cell research is what prompted Governor Romney to reevaluate his position on life issues. After studying the origins of life, Romney determined that it was not enough to be “personally” pro-life and he boldly embraced a pro-life policy agenda that included his veto of embryonic stem cell research and his veto of increased access to emergency contraception.
Governor Romney was formerly pro-choice. But since converting to the pro-life cause, Romney has been consistent in his defense of human life. He has spoken out against Roe v. Wade and the culture of death. He has declared the scientific fact that life begins at conception. And he is right on all of these issues today, which is more than can be said for Senator McCain.
One additional note to consider as the 2008 elections near: When asked about abortion, a genuine pro-life candidate does not offer his support of the partial-birth abortion ban as undeniable proof of his pro-life credentials. The partial-birth abortion ban has been passed and signed by President Bush and that is a very good thing. But only lunatics and barbarians are in favor of partial-birth abortion, so that is more of a common sense position than a strong declaration of pro-life intentions. I noticed that former candidate George Allen would always deflect questions on abortion and instead talk about his opposition to partial-birth abortion. If that’s your “go to” issue when discussing abortion, you are obviously attempting to hide your beliefs on the other, more currently relevant, life issues that are still being debated and discussed. Just something to consider as you observe how certain candidates handle the abortion issue.

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