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As Charles noted, we have a new blogger here at EFM, Steve Muscatello, a media analyst and writer in Washington, D.C. While our computer guru is setting up Steve’s EFM account, I’m honored to post his first entry:

So indignation has struck the New York Times again. This time they’re appalled by the supposed hypocrisy of Governor Romney’s 1994 letter to the Log Cabin Republicans, stating that the then Senate-hopeful would fight for “equality” for gays if elected. The Times smells a little hypocrisy brewing here, but I’m not buying it.
As Charles noted, there’s nothing hypocritical about wanting to preserve the traditional definition of marriage while also wanting homosexuals to be treated fairly. Others will claim that this proves Romney’s opposition to the Goodrich decision was merely the working of an opportunistic pol who knew a winning issue when he saw one. But who, exactly, was Romney pandering to? Massachusetts’ 6 (5 since I left) social conservatives? Please. Or was it to GOP primary voters who (at the time) wouldn’t be able to cast a ballot for him for another five years? Unlikely. After all, in 2003 no one was talking about potential ’08 candidates and even fewer people were talking about Gov. Romney as a presidential hopeful. No pandering, just principle.

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