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Charles, I remember well the navy blue stickers that the Frist fans were wearing in Memphis: “Frist is My Leader,” they read. I remember being puzzled by this. Was it the result of some sort of marketing research which tried to nullify a perceived weakness? Was it trying to establish Sen. Frist as a more formidable figure? Nevertheless, I fought the urge for three days to approach a Frist fan and say, in my best sc-fi geek voice: “Take me to your leader.”
But the article you linked to below contained a fascinating and explanatory nugget:

“The Leader [what intimates call Frist] will back Mitt Romney, in part because he can’t stand John McCain.”

What? Intimates call him “Leader?” Like, “Excuse me, Leader, will you pass the salt?”
Consequently, I hereby proclaim my new nicknames:
The Wise One
The Funny One
The Best-selling One
Please feel free to pick the one that best epitomizes my awesome personality traits. (And resist the urge to assume these were based on any perceived weaknesses. Ahem.)

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