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You know how Democrats always come out as Wal-Mart foes during the campaign season to score points with union leaders? (Ned Lamont famously attended a Wake-Up Wal-Mart rally a few days before his family’s $30,000 Wal-Mart stock ownership emerged…John Edwards, rabid Wal-Mart foe, was embarassed when his staff member tried to pull some strings at a local Wal-Mart to get his kid a Playstation 3.)
In this month’s GOOD Magazine, I argue from the “red state” point of view, in an article called, “Unconscious Consumption.” Since GOOD‘s readership largely consists of the latte drinking left, please visit my article and leave a comment. Plus, you’ll get to see the artistic rendering of yours truly by artist Joel Holland. (He based it off this photo.) GOOD Magazine describes itself as “a passion for potential mixed with fierce pragmatism and creative engagement.” And since that’s what I’m totally about, here is a snippet:

My liberal friends hate Wal-Mart, feeling it has done less for its 1.3 million workers than, say, a rash of repetitive-stress injuries. When one friend heard I went to its Philadelphia location, she immediately said, “Don’t go there again.” And when I revealed that my husband’s first job was as a gun salesman at a Wal-Mart in Kentucky, our friendship barely withstood the blow.

Read the whole thing here. Then go finish your Christmas shopping…at Wal-Mart.
CHARLES adds: Nancy, “creative engagement” is what I did earlier this year. It involved a diamond, a park, and a surprise. I don’t know what those latte-drinking folks are talking about…

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