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I knew I was home again when I opened up the Boston Globe on Christmas Eve morning to find the Cambridge set shocked–shocked!–that Governor Romney spent a good deal of time outside the Bay State this year. As usual, Hugh Hewitt shines the light on media hypocrisy and reminds us that such hit jobs are usually targeted at leaders, which the Governor certainly is. Here’s Hugh:

Part 218 of the Boston Globe’s attempt to derail Mitt Romney’s accelerating presidential campaign details the governor’s travels and his PACs’ spending this year.
(The Globe neglected to give us the citation to its parallel story on John Kerry’s absences from DC or Massachusetts in 2002, or Mike Dukakis’ journeys in 1986. Perhaps they are in the same file as the Globe’s stories on the citizenship/green card status of the crews working on Kerry’s many homes?)
Rarely have we ever had such a clear demonstration of the hard-left nature of a modern MSM paper than in the side-by-side comparison of the Globe’s Kerry/Romney coverage.
What the paper’s staff doesn’t seem to understand is the incredible lift they are giving the Romney campaign. There is no surer signal to the GOP base of a candidate’s conservative principles, competence and electability than an early and sustained attempt to damage him by the MSM. … Negative MSM coverage of Republican candidates is like a divining stick pointing towards those Republicans the Democratic Party fears the most.

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