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John Hawkins has a primer on 2008 GOP Candidates, which you might like to peruse. Here’s his take on the top three contenders, in easily digestable form:
1. John McCain
A. High name recognition
B. Fawning press
C. Fiscal conservative
D. Vietnam Vet
E. 83% American Conservative Union rating
A. Single most despised Republican on Capitol Hill
B. Trashes other GOPers to get press attention
C. Sponsored campaign reform that trashed 1st Amendment
D. Gang of 14 makes it harder to get conservative judges
E. Voted against Bush tax cuts
F. Supports amnesty for illegal immigrants
G. Supports radical environmental changes that would hurt economy
H. Opposes constitutional amendment to ban gay “marriage”
I. Commited adultery in his first marriage
J. Advanced age
BOTTOM LINE: Even if he wins, Republican lose.
2. Rudy Giuliani
A. Charismatic
B. Awesome job cleaning up crime in New York
C. Masterful job of keeping New York together after 9/11
A. Not conservative
B. Pro-abortion
C. Pro-partial birth abortion
D. Soft on gay marriage
E. Pro-gun control
F. Once said he was open to endorsing Bill Clinton for president
G. Former wife accused him of “open and notorious adultery”
(Note: I can only assume Mr. Hawkins was not aware of this video, which might’ve made the list too.)
BOTTOM LINE: Be careful what you wish for!
3. Mitt Romney
A. Opposed raising taxes in Massachusetts
B. Balanced the budget
C. Fought gay marriage
D. Has a pro-life stance
CONS: A. You may not have noticed this, but Gov. Romney is a Mormon.
BOTTOM LINE: Even though Human Events called him a RINO, he is more conservative than first glance. However, Mr. Hawkins believes his religion makes him unelectable.
Of course, you know how we feel about that conclusion! (Voters in the Hotline straw poll in Memphis, Tennessee at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference placed Gov. Romney above both McCain and Rudy already. And Memphis is not a hotbed of Mormonism.) Evangelicals supported him there–enthusiastically–and they’ll support him even more when they get to know him better.

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