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Under the category of “You-mean-this-hasn’t-always-been-the-case?” Gov. Romney recently gave his state troopers the ability to arrest immigrants who are in Massachusetts illegally. Authorities will provide the troopers with 4 1/2 weeks of training in immigration procedures, civil rights, and avoiding ethnic profiling.
Of course, this has caused the Boston Globe to break out into hives–they report that “Cambridge, for example, has passed a resolution declaring itself a sanctuary for immigrants, and moves are underway in other cities to follow that example.” Also, they reported that “empowering state troopers to enforce immigration law against undocumented immigrants who have broken no state laws would undermine that trust.” [Note: It is the Globe's practice to call illegal immigrants "undocumented immigrants" to eliminate the crass inference of the term "illegal." But let the record show that "undocumented immigrants" are, indeed, breaking laws to even be in Massachusetts.]
But wait…what’s that? The Boston Globe has been investigating Gov. Romney’s lawn care? In an article whose length should demand chapter dividers, the fastidious Woodward and Bernsteins of the Boston Globe have uncovered that Gov. Romney’s law care service owner–who himself is a legal immigrant–has employed illegal immigrants. Of course, this demonstrates that the illegal immigrant problem is widespread enough to demand a sweeping solution, but little else. Should we be outraged that Gov. Romney wasn’t out in the bushes with the workers asking for green cards? (It’s the Boston Globe‘s position that we should not use “racial profiling” to assume that every non-English speaker is here illegally, right?) Plus, he apparently had made sure that the owner of the business was legal. Every two weeks when the grass was cut–with the probable high turnover–should the Governor have made it a point to come home and check? I like what a letter-to-the-editor said:

I am not a fan of Romney and would never vote for him , but I’m more fed up with the Globe than with our governor. Illegal immigrants work on his lawn? Shocking! He didn’t ask them, as they blew leaves around, for their green cards and IDs? Dereliction of duty! He didn’t get out of his limo when he saw them having lunch, and interrogate them about crossing the border in the middle of some night? Arrest him! I guess the only people who can run for president these days are saints (as long as they’re not Mormons ).

So, what’s the message the Boston Globe is sending? People who are in Massachusetts illegally are just fine with them–they even need to be called “undocumented” to soften the reality that they are law-breakers. However, if Gov. Romney’s lawn service hired said “undocumented” workers, it’s scandalous beyond Watergate, beyond Monica, beyond a “wardrobe malfunction.” It requires a team of three reporters, and it demands that we do not give the Governor the benefit of the doubt. Illegal aliens are wrong, after all. Unless Gov. Romney lived in Cambridge, which is a sanctuary for illegals, er…”undocumenteds.”
I guess next week, the Boston Globe will run its investigative report on Governor-elect Patrick’s grass. In the meantime, Gov. Romney is still working to make Massachusetts a better place for those who obey the law.

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