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The ’08 election will be the first since 1922 without a sitting president or vice president in the running.
CHARLES adds: A reader has alerted us to the fact that there was actually no presidential election in 1922. We regret the error. The last presidential election in which no sitting president or vice president ran in the general election was really 1952. However, President Truman only ended his campaign that year after losing the first primary. The last time when there was no incumbent president or veep in the primaries, by my estimate, was 1928, when former Secretary of Commerce Herbert Hoover defeated Gov. Al Smith of New York.
CHARLES’ WIFE adds: Who knows this stuff?
CHARLES replies: Your husband, dear. Sorry. He just didn’t read Nancy’s post closely enough the first time.
NANCY adds, humiliatedly: I think this was a Newsweek conspiracy to make me look bad… I blame Eleanor Clift’s article about Gov. Romney and McCain. (You’ll notice, Newsweek’s readers haven’t alerted them to their errors. Thanks, attentive EFM reader, for keeping us on the right path!)

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