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Michael Graham wrote an article called, “In a Twist Over Knickers: Morality makes Mitt a Hit with Evangelicals” in Wednesday’s Boston Herald, which you might find interesting. Michael is, of course, the CBS radio host who now lives in Boston, even though he originally is from South Carolina–what better geographic cred can you get to assess Gov. Romney’s appeal to those who live in the Bible Belt?

He begins by saying the much-discussed Temple Garment is symbolic of the divide between evangelicals and Mormons.

But that rift is not large enough to stop southern Baptists from voting for Mitt Romney. In fact, he’ll do well there because of it.

Pause here. Is this Michael’s trademark sarcasm at work? Not at all. Keep reading:

But in America today, where religion and faith are under constant media assault, the question evangelical voters are asking isn’t “Christian vs. Jew” or “Methodist vs. Mormon,” but rather “God or no God?” For values voters, the battle is between people who value faith and those who either ignore it or are actively hostile toward it. Romney is an ally to evangelicals not because he is or isn’t a Christian, but because he’s a conservative who believes in God and takes his faith seriously.

He goes on to say that evangelicals may differ theologically from Mormons, but our day-to-day existence is very similar:

From a lifestyle standpoint, the only different between Mitt Romney and a southern Baptist is that Romney really will turn down a free drink.


You really must read the whole thing to get Michael’s irreverant take on these issues. (Disclaimer: I’m not just praising Michael because of this… although ya gotta appreciate the guy’s taste in literature.)

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