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Dean Barnett, who blogs with Hugh Hewitt, posted the following yesterday:

1) STOP THE PRESSES!!!–Sam Brownback has entered the presidential race. Bad news for you, Duncan Hunter. That ironclad lock you had on the least-plausible Republican candidacy has disappeared overnight.
But perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself. Brownback hasn’t actually entered the race. He has merely released the following statement:
“I have decided, after much prayerful consideration, to consider a bid for the Republican nomination for the presidency.”
Color me as unimpressed by that statement. At this critical point in history, can we really afford a leader so prone to vacillation that he requires “prayerful consideration” regarding whether he should even “consider” doing something. Is this how it will be if he’s in the White House? One can only shudder.

Obviously, I don’t support Sen. Brownback’s would-be candidacy. And Barnett is normally a very interesting blogger–who supports Gov. Romney, no less. I like his writing very much and, well, he’s got the right idea about ’08. But I can’t let this item pass without comment.
Without doing a poll, I would bet that all of us here at EFM give (and speaking for myself, wish we were better about giving more) prayerful consideration to important decisions. And I highly doubt that I am the only reader of Hewitt’s blog–which is premised, after all, on appealing to evangelicals–who actually agrees with Brownback’s decisionmaking process, if not endorsing his decision, and even admires it. Our country would be in better shape if more of our wannabe leaders acted the same way. Brownback deserves praise, not scorn.
I don’t know what Barnett’s religious background is, but the derision he has heaped upon Brownback’s prayer life strikes me as bad advice, bad marketing, poor taste, and really just downright wrong.

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