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This is what K-Lo asked after hearing the news that Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff joined Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. in supporting Arizona Sen. John McCain in ’08. (Yes, both men are Mormons.)
John J. Miller’s article in the current issue of National Review (“Evangelicals for Romney?”) pointed out that there were Mormons who would not support Gov. Romney and there were Mormons whom the Governor would never support. I’m sure we can all say the same thing of our co-religionists. Especially if you’re Methodist and would rather gargle shards of glass than vote for HIllary Clinton.
K-Lo continues her sarcastic rant:

His presidential aspirations are not part of a theocon conspiracy from Utah? It’s almost as if Mormons just like everyone else–Americans who can endorse or vote for whichever candidate they choose to. Weird.

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