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On Friday, outgoing Colorado Governor Bill Owens had nothing but kind words to say about Governor Romney on Hugh’s Hewitt show:

HH: Now Governor Owens, have you been talking with the leading Republican candidates? Have you got a favorite in the race?
BO: I have been talking to the leading Republican candidates, and I like Mitt Romney. I think when your earlier caller was asking about somebody who has real substance, and I realize that some of us who are conservatives, there have been some questions. But I think that Mitt Romney’s a conservative, and I think he can win. But I also like John McCain. I’m not being political here. I’m not one of these anti-McCain people. I want a winner, and somebody that’s going to be with me 80% of the time, both of them would be, and I’m for Romney, but not against McCain.
HH: Now I saw…you know, you worked with Romney at the Governor’s Association, both the Republican and the national. Explain to people what you see in his candidacy?
BO: Well, I think he’s one of the brightest people I’ve ever seen in public office. He’s a businessman, he’s a manager. He understands markets, he understands the private sector. He is a conservative, he wants to cut taxes. You know, he’s a Republican who was elected in Massachusetts, which has about 12% of its voters who are Republican. He was able to win that election, and we saw what he did at the Olympics. His foreign policy experience isn’t substantial, but I know he’s a conservative on foreign policy in the sense of understanding the role of America in the world.

CHARLES adds: Here’s confirmation from the Exploratory Committee of this and another “add.”

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