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An AP report says,

Sen. SamBrownback argues he’s the true conservative in the race for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination, while former Massachusetts Gov. MittRomney may have trouble explaining flip-flops in his background.

But Matt Lewis, at TownHall points out that Brownback himself might be a convert:
1. Here you’ll see that

“Kansas Republican Party Chairman Tim Shallenburger said he remembered having a conversation with Brownback in 1994 when Brownback was running in the GOP primary for the U.S. House. After the conversation, Shallenburger said he left with the impression that Brownback “was not pro-life.”

2. Another Kansas leader who had the same recollection:

“David Gittrich, development director for the state’s largest anti-abortion organization, Kansans for Life, said when Brownback first ran for Congress in 1994 ‘he was ill-informed.’ Gittrich added, ‘He didn’t know whether he was pro-life or pro-choice.’ … Gittrich said he had heard from others that Brownback simply didn’t understand the issues at the time.”

3. Here Brownback was accused of co-opting his opponent’s pro-life language to win a primary:

“As recently as 1994, the year of his first campaign for Congress, Brownback was a member in good standing of the moderate Republican establishment.… as primary day approached, (Brownback’s opponent) noticed a change in his opponent’s language. Brownback never used to mention abortion on the campaign trail. Now he was publicly pronouncing himself an abortion opponent.”

Mr. Lewis ends the article by saying that we should celebrate Brownback’s conversion, especially now since he’s such a pro-life advocate:

But if Brownback is, in fact, a convert to the cause, it is concerning that he would question the sincerity of Romney’s conversion.

Read the whole article here–it gives some much needed perspective.

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