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I fear David might get the big head. In one fell swoop, this article pronounces that our very own David A. French is the following:
1. One of the biggest power brokers in the Christian Right,
2. One who’s trying to “undo the legal accomplishments of the American Civil Liberties Union,”
3. One of the most reactionary legal thinkers in America.
I, for one, am swelling with pride. Our humble blog was even mentioned:

And the blog Evangelicals for Mitt was co-founded by David French, a Harvard-educated lawyer who works for Sekulow’s frequent ally, the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF), which is James Dobson’s effort to undo the legal accomplishments of the American Civil Liberties Union. French has contributed articles to David Horowitz’s Front Page magazine about the supposed suppression of Christian speech on college campuses, and last year he became head of ADF’s new Center for Academic Freedom, which seeks to end “the unconstitutional persecution of Christian students on campus.” Its natural enemies, according to its website, are the Lambda Legal Defense Fund and the Human Rights Campaign. According to the ADF, it is gay people and political correctness on college campuses that silence Christians from condemning homosexuality as commanded by the Bible.

Basically, the author’s contention is that Gov. Romney does not, in fact, have an evangelical problem. After all, people as backward-thinking as David French are endorsing him.
I know I shouldn’t, but I absolutely love this. How many times do you think I’ll say in future arguments, “Honey, quit being so ‘reactionary.’ I mean, it’s so Pat Robertson. And everyone knows it’s the year of Rick Warren…”

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