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When James Dobson said he wouldn’t vote for John McCain “under any circumstances,” McCain promptly responded:

“I’m obviously disappointed and I’d like to continue and have a dialogue with Dr. Dobson and other members of the community.”

Fast forward a few days, to Meet the Press this morning:

TIM RUSSERT: Are you going to reach out to Dr. Dobson?

He obligatorily adds it’s a free country and he’d talk to anyone who wanted to discuss matters with him. Watch for yourself:

In other words, John McCain’s serious problem with social and religious conservatives is here to stay. Of course, the real danger, the very real probability, is that if McCain’s elected, he will abandon his committment to the issues that matter to us. He can’t be consistent through the weekend, or even through a commercial break. There’s no way he’ll be consistent through an inauguration.
UPDATE: A reader objects to the characterization that McCain flip flopped during the commercial break. Here’s his assessment; here is the video. To be fair, he might be right…watch it and decide for yourself!

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