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I hesitate to bring more attention to him, but Brian Camenker–head of “MassResistance”–was the subject of an interesting post over at recently. Dean Barnett wrote of his own personal relationship with him:

For this news cycle anyway, Brian Camenker has emerged as a thorn in Mitt Romney’s side. A long time fixture on the fringe of Massachusetts politics, Camenker and his organization, MassResistance, have steadily expressed their disappointment with Mitt Romney as well as virtually every other Massachusetts Republican. One important note – Camenker’s MassResistance verges on being a hate group. Its disappointment with Romney and his Republican predecessors in the Massachusetts’ gubernatorial office is that they haven’t been sufficiently hostile to homosexuals. None of this is easy for me to write. As strange as it may seem, Brian Camenker and I once were friends.

He adds,

One other note – I also thought that Brian’s concerns regarding homosexuality were deepening into an obsession.

It’s fascinating, really, so read it all here.
Also, a new YouTube video of Mr. Camenker on the Daily Show just emerged. I frankly wanted to see who this man was, after all the hype. You may be interested too, to determine whether he’s the person you want representing evangelicals and our values.

And, in case you missed it, our resident Harvard Law grad wrote a convincing argument against the lies Mr. Camenker has spread.

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