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…and he will “build a better mousetrap” by running a “a 21st century campaign that will leave his rivals looking like the antiquated relics of yesterday’s politics that they are.”
Well, by the looks of it, Townhall’s Dean Barnett thinks Governor Romney has a few things going for him. Barnett hits home on one of Governor Romney’s best qualities: his problem solving ability.

[Romney has] spent a business career mastering difficult fact patterns and figuring out what to do. Simple sloganeering was never an alternative to effective action. As proof of his acumen in this regard, there are numerous businesses that he helped build (Staples, Domino’s) and a vast personal fortune.

And where does this problem solving ability come from? Barnett attributes it to the Governor’s “electric intelligence” and goes on to say that for “reasons that don’t require much elaboration, this is a characteristic that the Republican electorate currently hungers for. Desperately.”
Finally, Barnett lauded the Governor’s unprecedented fundraising effort this week, calling it the beginning of a campaign that will be “marked by innovation.”
Agreed on all fronts.

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