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Mitt Romney may be more conservative than some of his fellow Mormons, particularly on issues such as stem cell research. That was the gist of a recent Boston Globe piece discussing Governor Romney’s faith and positions on a range of social issues.
In it, we learn that Mormons are mostly Republican and mostly socially conservative, but that Governor Romney may be “outside the mainstream of his own faith” because he opposes stem-cell research while “more than 60 percent” of the Mormons in Utah support it.
That number is surprising (and it’s likely that there’s plenty of room to quibble with the way the questions were posed in that particular poll). Still, I’m quite sure that such a fact is entirely irrelevant, given that Romney opposes stem cell research and proved it by vetoing a bill in Massachusetts that would have expanded such research.
Eventually the Globe gets to the fact that for all the media discussion of theological differences between Mormons and evangelicals, our politics are alike:

Indeed, when Romney and others talk about his Mormonism in the context of the coming campaign, the assumption is that, despite the theological differences between LDS and evangelicals, politically the two groups are on the same page.

Yep, we are. That’s the point EFM has been making all along, and will continue to as we head in to 2007.

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