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Our very own Nathan Burd makes an appearance in The Corner today, in response to Mr. Lowry’s negative impression of the Governor’s speech:

Mr. Lowry,
I have to disagree with your assertion that Romney’s account of he came to change his views of abortion “isn’t very compelling” and that “people aren’t going to believe it.”
Pro-lifers greatly enjoy learning about that moment when it clicked for pro-life converts. Each pro-life convert has his or her own story about what it was that caused them to see the light. Governor Romney’s account makes perfect sense. When he had to study the origins of life as he pondered an embryonic stem cell bill, he realized the truth: life begins at conception. It’s a fully plausible account and it’s also interesting that his study of embryonic stem cell research, a fairly new frontier on the decades old abortion debate, caused him to change his view.
I’m employed by a large pro-life organization and I can tell you that pro-lifers have been very receptive to Romney’s conversion story. Your advice that he “would probably be better off not talking about it all” is off the mark. If he doesn’t address why he’s pro-life after years of being mildly pro-choice, voters won’t accept that he’s sincere. But if he can openly share his conversion story, pro-lifers will gladly accept him into our ranks.
He should tell the story every chance he gets. For those of us who promote the sanctity of human life, It’s always an encouragement to hear a pro-life convert share their story.

Well said, Nathan!

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