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I’ve been extremely hesitant to weigh in on the brewing controversy about Senator Brownback’s claims that Governor Romney’s pro-life conversion may not be sincere. As a voter who places life issues above all else, I really don’t want to go on the offensive against Senator Brownback. He has been a champion of the pro-life cause. In fact, he’s been the most outspoken pro-lifer in the U.S. Senate.
But I am extremely disappointed, and frankly disgusted, with Brownback’s attempts to portray Governor Romney as weak on life issues. Pro-lifers who insist on viewing pro-life converts with skepticism do no favors to our cause. As has been chronicled here many times before, the pro-life movement strives to change hearts and minds and win folks to our side. Governor Romney has been extremely forthright about his past regarding life issues and on the circumstances that led to his conversion.
Contrast that with Senator Brownback’s odd explanation for his 1994 views on life. He was pro-life, but he didn’t want to say he was pro-life? Huh?
To be clear, I don’t care where these men stood on life 13 years ago. What matters is where they stand now and in the future. Brownback is a pro-life leader in the Senate. And Romney has been a courageous pro-life governor in a place where being pro-life isn’t popular. Kudos to both.
So if both are right on life issues, what makes Romney the more preferable candidate to this conservative pro-life voter? Everything else. On many key issues, including Iraq and immigration, Brownback just doesn’t cut it. Brownback lacks the impressive record of accomplishment that Romney can tout from his service as a governor. And while Romney attracts a wide-range of voters with his optimistic message, Brownback predictably struggles to catch on.
I was hoping to go through this entire campaign without saying anything negative about Senator Brownback, a man whom I largely admire. But the last thing I expected from him was an attack on a fellow pro-life convert.

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