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As Nancy notes below, James Dobson has said supporting Senator McCain is out of the question for him. Also of note, according to Kyle over at Elect Romney in 2008, Bill Bennett said the following about Senator Brownback the other day:

Sam Brownback is out of the race as far as I’m concerned. This is not the time to abandon the President.

Many of our readers no doubt value very much the opinions of these two men. So if you follow their advice, what are you left with for 2008?
Well, on the Republican side, Governor Romney and Mayor Giuliani are said to be the other top-tier candidates beyond Senator McCain. Both, to be sure, are imperfect men and have in the past run on some positions that Dobson-Bennett conservatives find distasteful. However, they are different. One–Governor Romney–has said already that with experience, he has changed his mind on issues like abortion, and he has proven in his actions in office that he means what he says. The other, the gentleman from New York, has not even abandoned his support for partial-birth abortion, meaning the best his supporters can hope for is (as discussed on EFM before) a so-called “come to Jesus moment” whose sincerity he would not have the chance to prove, being out of office.
The difference between those two stories is clear.
What’s less clear, in my humble opinion, is why some conservatives are apparently so intent on finding an ideologically “perfect” nominee that they are willing to torpedo someone like Governor Romney. Any of them who are Christians should be well aware that there is no perfection in this world. And politically speaking, in this case, the result of looking for it will be nothing other than electing President Hillary Rodham Clinton.

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