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National Review Online‘s article about Rudy’s probably wise delay of announcing his presidential aspirations says that the leading contenders are getting wounded early, thus maybe opening an opportunity for him:

Some chattering Beltway conservatives with access to wide-reaching e-mail lists simply don’t believe he [Romney] is one of them. It’s understandable. Massachusetts isn’t known for its right-wing leaders. But if conservatives don’t hear him out, it may be their (and America’s) loss: This northeastern businessman is a leadership package that has the potential to do social conservatives and their ideas a great service, by presenting conservative positions on cloning, gay marriage and other contentious issues in a worldly, but sincere and principled, way…Romney, on the other hand, as chief executive, has reacted to key events in Massachusetts as a social conservative — opposing efforts to clone human life, and insisting that Bay State citizens, not the state’s high court, should determine the future of marriage there.

Read the whole article.

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