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From Bob:

Hi, I just wanted to thank you for having the best “Mitt site” on the internet, and to let you know that Mitt will be a guest on the Michael Medved radio show on Monday.

From Doug:

I am a Mitt Romney supporter and am acting on my own. As I have read your blog I have found you to be one of the more thoughtful centers of discussion regarding Governor Romney. While the religion issue is less important for me, I realize it is extremely important for many voters and am glad that you are debating the issue in depth. I believe you are also becoming a focal point for Romney supporters. As such I hope you will mention that Romney begins raising funds in earnest on Monday ( I believe that if we can help him demonstrate his grassroots support early on he can establish himself as a frontrunner. I encourage you to mention this fundraiser and invite your supporters to give what they can next week.
Thank you!
Below is a copy of an email I have sent to my friends and family:
You may have already seen Mitt Romney’s new site:
Monday January 8, 2007 is the first big fundraiser. Please go to your favorite blogs and remind people to donate on or before Monday. You can attach this link:
Why is this important? Because the first battle of Election 2008 is to see who has the most grassroots support to be our next President.
It is really important that he makes a big early splash with fundraising. Since Federal rules now apply, the limit is $2100.00 before the primary season is over. Governor Romney has a lot of well-to-do friends, but now he will need to show that he has grassroots support as well. If 200,000 people make a first donation of twenty dollars by Monday that would total 4 million dollars of skinny-cat money. If 200,000 people donated $100.00, Romney would have $20 million! (And I bet we can find 200,000 Romney supporters in the State of Michigan alone–not to mention Massachusetts or Utah). The political wise-guys say he needs to raise 35 million within the next few months to establish himself as a front-runner. If every supporter of Romney–rich, poor & in between–gives what he or she can, we will blow that number out of the water.
Forward this to your friends…

Thanks to both of you for reading us and writing such kind words!
UPDATE: Whoops, make it it three. Here’s reader Ryan:

I’ve enjoyed the thoughts you posted on Damon Linker’s article regarding Mitt Romney’s Mormonism. Something that’s been basically left out of the conversation (as in Professor Bushman’s responses on the TNR site)
are the many, many external evidences that Linker’s ominous predictions could never come to pass. Linker fears that the Mormon Prophet could exert control over the presidency with dire consequences if Mitt Romney took office. His basis for this prediction is his purely speculative reading of abstract theological possibilities within LDS doctrine, nothing more.
On the other hand, I count at least 10 real-world, objectively verifiable factors that predict the opposite: 1. Romney’s record (reflecting moderate to very low submission to Church dictates and positions in the political realm); 2. Romney’s personality (evidencing a free-thinking, educated, Liberal (big L), independently intelligent mind); 3. Strong political incentives for Romney not to submit to such influence; 4. Strong political incentives for the Church not to exert such influence (for an organization that has proved to be very conscious of its public image); 5. The LDS Church’s unblemished history of non-meddling (Zero record of influence exerted over Harry Reid, Michael Leavitt, Gordon Smith, countless other Mormon government officials) (thank you, David, for pointing this out); 6. The Church’s explicit position against exerting control over politicians; 7. The interest of a large, 5-million member American LDS population in maintaining its place in the American mainstream; 8. The influence of the 200 to 300 administratively conservative leaders of the church that have direct influence on and relationships with the Church’s president; 9. The moderate and mainstream records and personalities of LDS President Gordon B. Hinckley and Thomas S. Monson, his likely successor; 10. The deeply ingrained LDS belief in and support for the Constitution and American institutions.
Thus, Damon Linker looks at advanced Mormon theology and finds a remote possibility of a Manchurian-Mormon Candidate, whereas everything one can observe about Mitt, Mormons, and the Mormon Church itself predicts the exact opposite. Given this contrast, I find it very surprising that Linker’s arguments get any traction at all.

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: Okay! Fine! Four! I forgot Paul:

The attacks that Romney is a RINO remind me of how liberals often attack. More than anyone else, Thomas Sowell has taught me that events take place in the historical context of real-world alternatives. When we drop that context, we can paint any decision to fit an agenda. It reminds me of when liberals paint America as evil by comparing Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor with an “over response” by the U.S. at Hiroshima. These liberals (often professors teaching our children) don’t care about the real-world alternatives to dropping the bomb, alternatives in the historical context of a terrible, bloody war; they only care about their anti-American agenda.
What is the real-world context of Romney’s political record? First of all, he has been a public figure for a relatively short period of time. People who attack him mostly about things he said before he took office, statements themselves that seem to be taken out of context, must have an agenda. Why else would they ignore the way Romney built and proved his public policy as he made very real-world decisions as governor of a liberal state?
Again, keep up the great work with what so far has been my favorite site for 2007 (I even check it before going to each day).

Whoa, before Townhall! Don’t tell the folks for whom Steve (Muscatello, not Baldwin) and I used to work there…

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