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CBN has a sit-down with Brownback and asks that very question. Brownback said that he’s always been pro-life, even though he may have had some “messaging” issues back in 1994 in an attempt to “avoid labels.”
However, the reporter has one more “interesting tidbit:”

Apparently, back in 1994, Brownback said that his views on abortion are “more in line with Nancy Kassebaum”. Well, Nancy Kassebaum was pro-choice. This has been reported by The New Republic. In their story, they say that Brownback said that to the head of Kansans for Life back in 1994. I asked Brownback’s office about this in a follow up phone call. His office says Brownback never recalls saying anything like that.

Please let me reiterate that we should welcome all converts to the pro-life side. (I’m one myself, having gone through a brief and unfortunate feminist phase in college.)
The problem, of course, comes when Brownback insinuates Gov. Romney’s pro-life positions aren’t authentic simply because he’s changed over the years. I don’t know about you, but I’m thankful God forgives us more quickly than others are willing to.
However, believing in Gov. Romney’s pro-life position doesn’t require an act of faith… it just requires a look at his record.

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