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That’s the subject line of this e-mail from reader Marty:

I attend Jim Talent’s PCA church in St. Louis and have always admired Jim. Our children attend the same school. My daughter inducted his son into the Westminster Christian Academy National Honor Society. I have always supported Jim and was surprised to see Jim support the Governor.
I have also been reading your posts for some time now in the hope that I could believe that this guy could be what he says he is. At this point, you and the Governor have not convinced me.
After much thought on this I believe it would be easier for you to be Mormon apologists than the Romney apologists you have become. I also believe that you could convert Osama Bin Laden more easily than you could convince Evangelicals that Romney is not a politician who will say and do anything to get elected.
His conversion to the pro-life position did not occur until after he was elected Governer so there is no comparison to someone who was pro-abortion and then changed his mind later upon maturity. Either he experienced a radical change well into adulthood or he is changing his message to fit his audience. In either case, someone who is not sound in their core beliefs so late in public life is not fit to be President, much less the evangelical standard bearer.
But, being the fair minded guy that I am, there is a Planned Parenthood Abortion clinic that I protest in front of in St. Louis. I’d like to see the Governor on Forest Park Blvd. in St. Louis at 6:30 AM on a Saturday morning handing out pro-life literature to women seeking abortions. If he was committed to ending abortion and truly repentent about his former support of killing unborn children he would actually do something about it. Then, he might get my attention.

Now, I love a good PCA brother. But the logic in this e-mail just does not fly. Marty demands that Governor Romney “do something about” his pro-life convictions–forgetting, apparently, that he has already. He took a stand while governor against abortifacient drugs and embryo-killing research. You can admit it or not, but that does a lot more for the cause of life than handing out fliers. (Incidentally, it also takes more of a pro-life commitment to oppose those things than a pure-and-simple Planned Parenthood abortion procedure. Many so-called pro-lifers and conservatives fail to toe the line on these issues–which is why a cloning initiative passed in Missouri last fall.)
Anyway, back to Marty. Governor Romney’s pro-life actions are there. They are both real and significant. One just has to be willing to see them.

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