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I read the Newsweek piece that Charles posted below. It doesn’t cover much new ground, but it does have some favorable things to say about Governor Romney. I was struck, though, by the following passage about Mark DeMoss:

Christian media strategist DeMoss notes that evangelism is all about conversion, so, he says, “we accept an evangelical’s conversion if he told us it happened this morning.”

DeMoss is in the Governor’s corner. And as Nancy noted, he’s a man of great integrity. But I wonder if Newsweek quoted that statement precisely the way he meant it.
In a religious sense, I would say that Christians certainly accept–and immediately rejoice over–any and all conversions; however, we also look for the continued repentance and obedience that mark genuine conversion. That is to say, we are happy when someone says a Sinner’s Prayer, but more concerned with whether or not, going forward, one actually turns his or her life over to Christ.
On a much less important scale, the same is true for politics. While we are happy any time the socially conservative ranks swell, we do not put trust alone in the words of would-be converts–we look for action. Those of us who support Governor Romney do so because he has taken stances on social issues–against stem-cell research, veto of Plan B, etc.–that indicate that he is has truly changed his mind and is anything but a “morning” convert.
To be clear, DeMoss obviously understands this important point, but I’m afraid the media does not.

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