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My sister Mary Kate, who apparently watches too much television, just told me Gov. Romney was mentioned on tonight’s episode of “Boston Legal.” Alan was late to work and was told he had missed an important meeting with the former governor. He responded, “Send Mitch my apologies.” And his friend said, “It’s Mitt!”
About a month ago, Mary Kate called me to tell me he was also mentioned on “The Real Housewives of the OC,” when one of the couples were getting ready to go hear Gov. Romney speak. As the buxom blonde was trying topick out a “conservative dress” with a neckline that only plunged halfway to her navel, she said, “My husband said the governor of Maxachusetts could very well be the next Presidential candidate of the United States.” And she went on to say that she was very interested in “incumbents.”
These kinds of pop culture references are, of course, totally insignificant. When he gets mentioned on American Idol, 24, or–better still–Battlestar Galactica, he’ll be really big.

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