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If that’s a fair metric, then the Governor is doing well. Listen to this fantastic (and brief) speech on Iraq by Sen. Jim DeMint of South Carolina, a strong supporter of the Governor and a man who has a clear, undeniable grasp of the nature of the threat radical Islam poses to the free world.
On the importance of the Middle East:

The future security of our homeland is tied directly to a successful outcome not only in Iraq, but in Afghanistan, Lebanon, the Palestinian territory and a number of Middle East countries that harbor evil men that foment hate through a perverted version of Islam.

On the Warner-Levin resolution:

This resolution may be toothless by force of law [but] it’s symbolism is dangerous. Voting to condemn the president’s plan is a vote of no-confidence in the mission that we have told our troops to fight and die for.

On the broader war on Islamic radicalism:

This is not the president’s war, it is freedom’s war. And we all share the responsibility for the outcome.

Governor Romney should be glad to have such a man on his side.

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