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EFM reader James Phillips was listening to the Sean Hannity show yesterday when a Michigan caller (a Christian) wished Rudy would change his stance on abortion so she could vote for him in good conscience. Sean (whom I adore, by the way) tried to persuade her that Rudy would appoint originalist judges to the Supreme Court, which is the most important action a President can take. But the caller wasn’t convinced.
James wrote:

I don’t know what this person’s stance is on Mitt, but if the same type of people are criticizing Romney for his “recent” Pro-Life conversion two years ago, and then in the same breath urging a Pro-Choice candidate to convert so they can vote for him, that strikes me as illogical and hypocritical.

He also told me a story:

An Indian brave was high on a mountain top, when he heard a rattlesnake nearby. The snake asked the brave to carry him under his shirt down the mountain so that he wouldn’t freeze to death.
“No,” said the Indian, “because you’ll bit me and I’ll die. ”
The snake assured him he would not, for doing him this favor, so the Indian picked up the snake, placed him under his shirt, and carried him down the mountain. When they reached the bottom, the snake bit the Indian’s chest.
“Why’d you do that?” he asked as he lay dying.
“You knew what I was when you picked me up.”

Similarly, Rudy Giuliani admits that he is pro-choice and apparently isn’t ashamed of it. Assuming he’ll go against his stated beliefs is not a gamble worth taking.
Right, Sean?

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