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In case you missed this exchange on Larry King Live:

KING: Your Doro Bush, and many, many people involved with Jeb Bush, are supporting Mitt Romney.
BUSH: Oh, they are? Well, I — they haven’t told me that. So…
KING: Do you know the former governor of Massachusetts?
BUSH: Sure, absolutely. We know Governor Romney very well, and I like him a lot. But I haven’t — Doro hadn’t told me that she’d picked a candidate. We haven’t picked a candidate yet, as you might guess.
KING: Will you?
BUSH: I doubt it. Probably not. I mean, obviously, we will support the nominee…
KING: Whoever is on, yes.
BUSH: … To the Republican Party at that point. But, no, I don’t think before the primaries we would pick a candidate.
KING: Do you think his Mormon faith should be an issue at all?
BUSH: I don’t think so. I mean I think that he is a very outstanding and a wonderful man with great character and a lot of great credentials. And so I think people’s faith in the United States is their, certainly, you know, what it is. Each person has the right to choose whatever faith they want and it’s a very important part of our country.

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