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While it is cute that Ellen Goodman gave EFM a shout-out in today’s Boston Globe and several other papers, her column is remarkably disingenuous. She claims the following:

Even “Evangelicals for Mitt” — there is such a Web site — says “He shares our values, and he’s fought for those values in hostile territory.”
The idea, the pitch, the shtick is that if Romney can make it as a conservative Republican here, he can make it anywhere. There’s only one small problem: He didn’t make it here as a conservative. Romney ran and won as the fourth in a direct line of moderate Republican governors.

Then she goes on to slam Governor Romney’s actions on life issues, “gay marriage,” and gay adoption.
But in truth, the actions by Governor Romney to which she objects so strenuously were quite in line with his 2002 campaign pledges. To wit:
1. He said he would not allow the abortion laws to be stiffened or loosened, so he vetoed the emergency contraception and embryonic stem cell bills. No inconsistency there.
2. He has always been (even in 1994) against gay marriage. No one, even the Boston Globe, should have been surprised by his stand on that issue.
3. He also said, even in 2005, that he is in favor of stem-cell research–but that doesn’t necessarily mean the embryonic sort.

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