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This statement by Grover Norquist to the New York Times is interesting:

“Romney has a one-way, one-time migration on abortion to explain,” said Grover Norquist, the head of Americans for Tax Reform. “Senator McCain, meanwhile, was a Reaganite on taxes and then drifted for six years and now wants to come back. Same on guns. Same on judges. He was a two-way migration on several issues, and a lot of conservatives will have a hard time with that.”

But right after reading that, I found this:

Yet on a fundamental matter like the life of a fetus, some social conservatives say, the turnabout by Mr. Romney is worthy of skepticism.
“I know people can change, but sometimes when people want to be president, they speak of a change that has not occurred,” [American Family Association head Don] Wildmon said. “I like to go with a person whose words match their actions.”

Of course, the Times, always wont to “migrate” leftward, did not bother to point out to Rev. Wildmon or its readers that Governor Romney has undertaken a wealth of pro-life actions in public life, including supporting abstinence education and vetoing bills to expand access to abortifacient pills and to publicly fund embryo-killing research. Rev. Wildmon’s philosophy–wanting some proof of a pro-life conversion–is right on, but asserting that there is no proof in Governor Romney’s case simply isn’t accurate.

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