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President Reagan had two sons, Michael and Ron Jr. The latter spoke at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, but the former is very supportive of their father’s politics and contributes to Human Events. In his latest piece, he had this to say to the many conservatives who express dismay over the current 2008 field:

Some Republicans insist that the only perfect candidate would be a clone of my Dad, Ronald Reagan. Aside from the fact that there is no such thing, it’s important to recognize that Ronald Reagan, as he often admitted, was anything but perfect.

He continues:

Not one of the major candidates is free of some real or imagined flaw that offends some conservatives.
This is madness, and if it does not stop, the GOP is going to lose the presidential election in 2008. In the search for the perfect candidate we are going to end up with an imperfect candidate. Keep in mind the truism that agreement with someone on most issues and disagreement on others is seen as normal, but should you agree with someone on every single issue imaginable … well… to put it plainly, psychologists say you’re nuts.

He has this to say about Governor Romney:

One of the criticisms about former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney focuses on his record concerning the abortion issue. We are told by the modern day Diogenes clones that he can’t be trusted to fight abortion because he once, more or less, supported a woman’s right to butcher her baby.
It may come as a surprise to these purists, but Ronald Reagan once supported abortion too. Yet nobody ever questioned his strong pro-life credentials after his conversion to Republicanism. They accepted his sincerity. Why can’t they accept Mitt Romney’s?
Romney’s record shows he should be totally acceptable to all conservatives, yet because of one dubious question concerning the validity of his conversion to the pro-life side, he is deemed unsuitable to carry the conservative banner.

To be fair, he also has a few kind words for Mayor Giuliani. Which is fine–I happen to agree with him that conservatives should refuse to even consider supporting Mayor Giuliani. They should consider him. And after due consideration, they should choose the candidate (Governor Romney) whose actions in office show that he will govern the way they would like over the one (Mayor Giuliani) who can only promise that he will appoint the right judges.
NANCY adds: Charles, I re-read this repeatedly…

I happen to agree with him that conservatives should refuse to even consider supporting Mayor Giuliani

…before realizing you left out the word “not.” I think you meant to say that conservatives should not refuse to consider Giuliani outright…or to say it more concisely, “conservatives should at least consider Giuliani…”
Sigh… just vote for Mitt and be done with it.
CHARLES responds: Our resident author is, of course, correct. My apologies to anyone else who had to read twice!

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