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Mark DeMoss is the president of a large public relations firm that serves specifically Christian organizations and causes. You may remember reading about the meeting he arranged between Gov. Romney and prominent evangelical leaders, during which Gov. Romney described his change-of-heart about llfe issues after talking to Harvard stem cell researchers:

“To hear him tell it, it’s almost like Paul’s road-to-Damascus experience in the New Testament,” he said.

Well, this past week in Orlando, DeMoss was at it again, arranging private meetings between the Governor and prominent evangelical leaders (including the one where Rob Schenk said he liked “especially Mitt Romney”). From all accounts, the meetings went very well for Gov. Romney, as Christian leaders continue to doubt McCain’s commitment to social issues and no longer doubt Rudy’s pro-choice convictions.

On a side note, I heard Mr. DeMoss was also signing copies of his beautiful new book “The Little Red Book of Wisdom,” which has handy suggestions for finding professional and personal fulfillment. It goes on sale officially in March, but the publisher is already shipping them out.
The chapter that jumped out at me, was the one titled “There are No Degrees of Integrity.” In it, he discusses how the Latin word integritas means “whole,” suggesting that a person can’t have a “lot of integrity” or even a little of it. Either one does or does not possess integrity. He writes, “Would you want to do business with someone 99% honest?”
The answer, of course, is obviously no. This is why it’s so noteworthy that someone like Mr. DeMoss–who literally wrote a book about moral approaches to life and business–came out early and strong on behalf of Gov. Romney.

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