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K-Lo writes today about the blows being landed against the Governor (mainly from within the same conservative chattering classes who gave him rock star status 12 months ago) and specifically mentions Bill Bennett’s recent attack:

Are these way too many hits for one candidate, and so early? Is Romney 2008 over? Far from. But it certainly sounded that way listening to Bill Bennett on his radio talk show, Morning in America, Wednesday morning. After playing audio from a 2002 gubernatorial debate Bennett all but wrote Romney off. What seemed to be too much for Bennett, though, may not have been that YouTube clip floating around the Internet Tuesday evening alone — wherein Romney says that he will “preserve and protect a woman’s right to choose,” going out of his way to make clear he is not “pro-life” — but the added news that an aide for Romney had sent out an e-mail attacking McCain on abortion; on this, Bennett said, Romney was being “ill-advised.”

So here we go again on the consistency point. Bennett is knocking Governor Romney for his recent conversion to the pro-life cause. Fair enough (but at least acknowledge the Governor’s substantial pro-life actions since his conversion), but then Bennett’s comments go from fair to, well, nonsensical. Again from K-Lo:

Indeed, Bill Bennett moved right on from Romney to Giuliani Wednesday morning on his show. “People [conservatives] are going to like Giuliani,” Bennett said — for, ironically, staying pro-choice. There’s an authenticity in it.

Ok, so let me get this straight. If I’m a pro-life voter, I’m supposed to dislike the guy who’s not only pro-life but has candidly admitted that his past stance was wrong and like the guy who’s always been pro choice? Because the pro-choice guy has “authenticity?”
I’m sorry, but that is sheer nonsense. I must have missed a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy intra-office memo. At some point since last November, the absolute priority in a presidential candidate became lifelong political consistency. Apparently–to some–it isn’t so much what you believe but that you’ve believed it always and forever.
Good thing Ronald Reagan isn’t running. Or, for that matter, Abraham Lincoln.
Abraham Lincoln: He was against emancipation before he was for it. He didn’t have half of Jeff Davis’s “authenticity.”

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