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Frank Lockwood, the religion editor at the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, recently interviewed our own Nancy French about this humble blog. He introduced the interview thusly:

As governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney was unambiguously pro-choice and pro-gay rights, an unwavering supporter of legalized abortion and gay pride. But Romney’s positions began evolving recently. He’s now anti-abortion. He no longer lobbies loudly for gays in the military and adoption rights for same-sex couples. I asked a leader of Evangelicals for Mitt whether Romney’s past stances on social issues would hurt his chances with born-again Christian Republican primary voters.

That’s not quite accurate, if you take “pro-gay rights” to mean that Gov. Romney favored “gay marriage.” He has changed his mind on things like ENDA, but he has always, even in 1994, been in favor of traditional marriage.
But, I guess we can forgive Mr. Lockwood since he said this about David and Nancy:

Ms. French is a Kentucky native and her husband is a Harvard Law grad who worked in Lexington. They both have written books and have really impressive resumes.

I always thought she was Mrs. French, especially in an Arkansas paper, but never mind. Yeah, they are pretty impressive. And their kids are cute. Here is a snippet of that “impressive” Nancy’s comments:

As for advice, I would scarcely think highly enough of my political acumen to advise Gov. Romney. However, I do believe that to know Mitt is to love Mitt. His story is a compelling one. The story of the story of how he met and married his high school sweetheart, how he became pro-life, how he faced down Massachusetts courts over the issue of gay “marriage,” how he denied state protection to Iran’s former leader, how he saved the Olympics. These are stories with which people aren’t yet familiar. And I think once they hear them, they’ll welcome his as the conservative that he now truly is. While nothing can stop the “whisper campaigns” or 1994 data and images, I think that evangelicals are savvy enough to be able to see Gov. Romney as the best choice. Conservatives welcome those who have become more conservative. In fact, sometimes “converts” are the best spokesmen for the cause. (Ronald Reagan comes to mind.)

Read the whole thing.

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