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I’m sorry, but this whole “true conservative” argument is just ridiculous. Conservatives don’t agree about “true conservativism” (just look at the lively debates that break out on The Corner almost every day). Religious conservatives don’t agree over the defeinition of “true” Christian conservative ideas–you should see my Inbox where religious conservatives write with diametrically opposed opinions on EFM’s commitment to life, the family, and religious freedom. Heck, even Ronald Reagan wasn’t a “true conservative” by some purists’ standards. After all, spending did rise considerably during his administration, the federal government continued to grow, and he actually approved an arms-for-hostages deal that if done by, say, Bill Clinton would have caused conservatives to bray that there was final and definitive proof that Democrats couldn’t be trusted with national security (I love Ronald Reagan, but he wasn’t perfect).
Conservatives need to stop this messiah watch. In fact, I would argue that the very act of looking for the man on the white horse is offensive to conservative principles. Isn’t one of our key tenets (virtually universally held amongst, ahem, “true” conservatives) that the government can’t save us? Perhaps I’m just venting, but I am growing a bit weary of this emerging theme that there’s “room on the right” for a “true conservative.”
And who would that be, pray tell? You name any–and I mean any–politician with the resume to be president, and I can immediately give you a position or statement they’ve made that would anger some significant part of our diverse and amorphous conservative movement. So let’s stop looking into the clouds–if the messiah does come between now and ’08, I can promise you he won’t be a GOP presidential candidate.

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