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Jennifer Rubin, for ABC News, has an article out today “Why So Few Jews Vote for Republicans,” which concludes with this notion:

“In short, the Republicans are not just our kind of people, many Jews say. They don’t sound like us, they don’t talk like us and they don’t understand us. Unless and until that changes, Jews likely will likely be voting overwhelmingly Democratic for years to come.”

Of course, the impetus of her article was Gov. Romney’s choice of venue for yesterday’s Presidential announcement. As you probably know by now, Henry Ford was a notorious anti-Semite, causing some pundits to suggest a lack of wisdom on Gov. Romney’s behalf.
While Ms. Rubin doesn’t accuse Gov. Romney of anti-Semitism per se, she does quote a Democratic consultant who said, “I don’t think Romney is guilty of anything other than obliviousness.” She writes:

Romney apparently did not have anyone to say, “You know, a lot of Jews really hate Ford, and it might mess up your message. Let’s try Edison’s lab to make a point about American innovation.”

However, Ms. Rubin might need to brush up on her facts as well — if she’d looked further into the issue (or listened to the Governor’s speech), she would’ve known Edison’s lab is a permanent exhibition reconstructed at the Ford Museum itself. (As is the Rosa Parks’ bus and the JFK limousine). Gov. Romney referred to this in his speech, when he said,

“Just outside is Thomas Edison’s laboratory. There, electricity that Benjamin Franklin discovered was transformed from a novelty into a necessity.”

So maybe she didn’t listen to his speech. And maybe she was so busy lamenting the that the Republican party had “become a rural, overwhelmingly Christian and Southern party” to notice that the three top candidates in the GOP (Romney, Giuliani, and McCain) could not be accurately pigeonholed by those terms.
But this, of course, would require more than a knee-jerk reaction and a generalized article about how oblivious others are.

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