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I was just telling my wife yesterday that the “Rudy-Judi kiss” seemed highly un-presidential and a bit nauseating. Now I see this:

It was an intimate glimpse into former mayor Rudy Giuliani’s relationship with his wife Judith and it’s also the picture that has New Yorkers talking: the cover of the New York Post featuring the happy couple intimately smooching. But is this the image of a presidential candidate that people want to see?
CBS 2 polled some passerby on the street this morning to see what their reaction was to the provocative picture, and not all of them had pleasant things to say.
Some of those reactions included:
“Too seductive, too sexy — I don’t want to know what the president is doing when he’s not working.”
“I wouldn’t want myself portrayed like that if I was running for president.”
“Strange and inappropriate.”
And while those were just some of the negative feelings people had toward the picture, others were more concerned with the point of the picture and not what it shows.
“I think it’s all about the presidential campaign to position him as a nice guy. Is it presidential? For him, he needs that,” another New Yorker said.
So why would “America’s mayor,” the hero of 9/11 need an intimate picture with his wife — shot for an issue of Harper’s Bazaar — to help his presidential campaign?
“It sounds like they’re making up for some issue problems with his image,” Political Consultant Joseph Mercurio told CBS 2.

Look, you’ll find no group of people more appreciative of a loving marriage than those here at EFM. Just ask Dawn, who’s been a bridesmaid like 18 times. (Just kidding.) But seriously–love is great. Making out in public, however, is not what the leader of the free world is supposed to spend his time doing. Our image matters, and I’m not sure Mayor Giuliani has quite figured that out.

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