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How did Rudy and Judi meet? They would would like to keep private, he says with a straight face. Please let me ask you, dear reader, what kind of hook-up would require secrecy…from a man who announced an affair at a press conference before traipsing around town with his mistress so boldy that a Daily News columnist compared it to a “groping in the window at Macy’s?”
The camera zooms in on a HUGE ring–saphire, surrounded by diamonds–on Judi’s hand. Absolutely gorgeous piece of jewelry and she wears it well.
“Single Working Mom” is brought up again.
Barbara Walters asked whether he’d have problems with the Christian Right? This is when I noticed he had sweat on his brow–glistening under the lights. It may have been there before, but I didn’t notice it until now.
Of course, you know that Rudy said he’d let Judi sit in on Cabinet meetings, if she’d like, and even help on policy.
Softball question of the night: Why would Rudy be the best President?
Rudy would be the best, because he is a man of integrity, character, intelligence, and intellectual curiosity, she responds.
This gave me pause. You know, if I was the third Mrs. Giuliani, I’d talk about how he can defeat the terrorists, understands the global threat of jihadism, and can unite a segmented country. But, she brings up his integrity and character as selling points…not, interestingly, political baggage to overcome.
If this were a court proceeding, the prosecutor would raise his hand in the air with a gleam in his eye. “I’d like to cross-examine this witness, please.”
After all, what is the definition of integrity?

Adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.

What is “character?”

Moral or ethical strength.

Frequently, people blame the so-called “religious right” of trying to push their morality on others. But, in this case a candidate (or his wife, rather) holds himself out there as a man of integrity and character. It’s only right for voters to evaluate that claim–the ultimate People’s Court with voting booths instead of Judge Wapner, voting commisioners instead of Rusty the Bailiff, and exit pollsters instead of Doug Llewelyn.
As Christians, thankfully, we aren’t called to judge people in terms of their salvation. But as voters, we must judge candidates in terms of their campaigns, records, ideas, and claims. Is Rudy Giuliani a perfect man? No candidate is. But is he the type of leader we need in this fallen time?
You decide.

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